The University of Iowa welcomes the most academically accomplished class in its history for the fourth year in a row.

This fall’s incoming undergraduate class at the University of Iowa has yet again topped previous records in achievement with a higher average high school grade-point average (GPA), at 3.78, than any previous class. The average high school GPA for the classes of 2023 and 2022 were 3.76 and 3.71, respectively.

Why Iowa?

We caught up with a couple of members from the Class of 2024 to ask them why they became Hawkeyes.

Kaleba Jack, University of Iowa undergraduate student

“Iowa prides itself in supporting its students, whether in academics, life, or even sports. I look forward to exploring my academic options this year, and meeting new people and developing friendships that last a lifetime.”

Kaleba Jack, open major from Iowa City who speaks three languages
Post-college goal: To be self-employed and to help others


Yamam Hussien, University of Iowa undergraduate

“Academically, Iowa was the best option for me, as it’s known for its medical school. Personally, I fell in love with the environment and college life on the first visit. The community and people at Iowa were very welcoming. I am excited to find my second home at the University of Iowa.”

Yamam Hussien, open major (pre-med track) from Des Moines who plays tennis and violin
Post-college goal: Become a member of Doctors Without Borders

“These newest Hawkeyes are going to bring so much to our campus through their individual talents and perspectives, not to mention the incredible determination and tenacity they have demonstrated over these last months,” says Kevin Kregel, interim executive vice president and provost. “We look forward to making sure they have the breadth and depth of opportunities they deserve and the support they need to achieve their academic goals.”

The Class of 2024 is composed of 4,530 students, 456 fewer than last year. A decrease in enrollment was anticipated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 21% of the class (971) are first-generation students, and about 21% (961) identify as African American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, Asian, Latinx/a/o, or two or more ethnicities.

Despite the challenges brought forth by the pandemic, Sarah Hansen, vice president for student life, says the Hawkeye spirit is strong and resilient.

“Just as we have overcome adversity in the past, we will overcome the considerable challenges we face with COVID-19. This year’s incoming class is as accomplished and diverse as ever, and I know that they will make their mark on the University of Iowa,” she says. “The Class of 2024 has already shown their resiliency as their senior year in high school was disrupted. We are so grateful to have them here on campus, and I look forward to working with our new students to continue our commitment to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus community for all Hawkeyes.”

About 58% of the class (2,612) are Iowa residents, and about 2% (69) are international students. The class represents 95 of Iowa’s 99 counties, 43 U.S. states (as well as Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico; and bases for the U.S. Armed Forces), and 35 countries.

This year, 22,405 undergraduates are enrolled at Iowa. Total enrollment this fall is 30,448 students. About 46% of Iowa’s students identify as male, about 54% as female. Graduate students total 6,170, and professional students total 1,873.

This information represents a snapshot of enrollment information from early in the fall 2020 semester and may change with time.

undergraduates in the class of 2024
average ACT score
average high school GPA
identify as first-generation students
are Iowa residents
19 percent
identify as a member of a minority group
Iowa counties represented
U.S. states represented
countries represented, including the U.S.
new graduate and professional students