Year after year, Iowa students push to achieve more and come together for the greater good—that’s the Hawkeye Way. Several members of this year’s cohort of new graduates share what made their experiences special.
Kate Conlow
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Kate Conlow

Kate Conlow was deputy managing editor of The Iowa Review when on a whim she decided to walk over to the University of Iowa College of Law to attend a prospective student open house. As she describes it, the stars aligned: “The writing and editing and critical and creative thinking that I love to engage in, plus community involvement … I realized it was a perfect fit for the way I think and what I like to do.”

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Daniel McGregor Huyer
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Daniel McGregor Huyer

Daniel McGregor-Huyer completed Iowa’s REACH program in 2020 but then decided to apply as a traditional student. With work on two feature films under his belt, he’ll be getting a BA in cinematic arts and a certificate in disability studies and plans to travel to Ghana with the REACH program.

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McKenna Warnock
university of iowa spring 2023 graduate McKenna Warnock

When you attend the University of Iowa, you don’t have to make the Final Four to have a city and a state rally around you. McKenna Warnock noticed that supportive vibe when she arrived on the Iowa campus for a visit, and she fell in love with the idea of being a Hawkeye. 

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Tyler Humphreys
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Tyler Humphreys

Tyler Humphreys may have grown up in Richardson, Texas, but his Hawkeye roots run deep. His grandfather, Lloyd “Buck” Humphreys, and uncle, Charlie Humphreys, both played football for the University of Iowa during years the team played in the Rose Bowl. Humphreys will receive a juris doctorate from the UI College of Law this spring and head back to Texas, where he will join the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

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Mara Frieden
University of Iowa spring 2023 graduate Mara Frieden sitting on a bench

Mara Frieden knew she wanted to study business but wasn’t sure about which specific areas of the field she was most passionate. She says direct admission to the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business allowed her to quickly discover the perfect fit. A job on the product launch team at John Deere awaits.

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Zoe Dervin
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Zoe Dervin

Zoe Dervin credits the Iowa Edge mentorship program for giving her a confident head-start on college. She tried many activities and joined numerous organizations—the UI Fencing Club, the DJ staff at KRUI, and a return to Iowa Edge as a mentor—and now will explore the career fields of speech pathology and audiology.

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Pamela Moya
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Pamela Moya

Pamela Moya felt at home at Iowa as soon as she visited campus. The computer science and engineering graduate found peers who wanted her to succeed, a living learning community that shaped her as a person, and solace in her work in the Learning Spaces Technology department. She heads to a systems engineer job in Chicago having made special friendships and everlasting memories.

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Olivia Goodyear
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Olivia Goodyear in a music classroom

Olivia Goodyear always knew she’d get to do some amazing things as a University of Iowa student, but a few experiences still surprised her. For example, how often does a clarinet player get to help cut down the net at a Big Ten women’s basketball tournament? And have a role in important pediatric audiology research?

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Brian Segura
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Brian Segura

What’s a lifelong athlete to do when, by his own admission, he seems to be a bit prone to injury? In Brian Segura’s case, study exercise science and physical therapy. Segura found opportunities to follow his athletic passions and organizations that have prepared him for the next step in his academic journey: pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy here at Iowa.

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Bethanny Sudibyo
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Adelheid Bethanny Sudibyo

Bethanny Sudibyo was born in Indonesia and has traveled the world. But the University of Iowa doctoral student, who enjoys writing about the places she visits, describes the campus community in Iowa City as a must-see. “I knew coming in that the University of Iowa was known for its writing programs and for different activities and festivals related to writing and literature, but it was surprising to see just how active the writing community was.”

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Cameron Bottum
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Cameron Bottum

Cameron Bottum, who will graduate with a degree in sport and recreation management, appreciates the many field experiences that Iowa offered, especially the week he spent at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center. “It was just a really unique experience that I would’ve never in my life imagined I’d get. We got to swim in a pool that Michael Phelps practiced in. I mean, you can’t beat that.”

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Dominique Badajoz
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Dominique Badajoz

Dominique Badajoz came from California to the University of Iowa sight unseen in order to better explore her roots. She’s accomplished that goal: she became connected to her tribal nation (Meskwaki Sac & Fox), planned the UI Powwow, served as Native American Student Association president, and will graduate with a degree in studio arts and minors in informatics and Native American and Indigenous studies.

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Demi Kendros
University of Iowa spring 2023 graduate Demi Makeig sitting in a theater

During their time as an Iowa theatre arts student, Demi Kendros found a campus full of clubs and resources, experienced compassionate instructors during the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and achieved the goal of becoming a better writer. “I’ve become a multidisciplined writer. I’ve become a better collaborator. I’ve become a better listener.”

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John Dickens
University of Iowa 2023 graduate John Dickens

The COVID-19 pandemic created numerous challenges for college students. And while that certainly was the case for John Dickens, it also led him to his next step in life. Dickens will graduate with a master’s degree with an emphasis in policy and focus his research on rural public health needs.

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Gillian Marbury
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Gillian Marbury

Gillian Marbury tested out several majors at the University of Iowa before learning her true passion lay in ancient civilizations and classical languages. “I’d always really loved Greek mythology. I mean, who hasn’t read Percy Jackson?” Marbury says, laughing. “But I didn’t really know that it was an academic field. So, taking those classes was me sort of trying out what that would look like. But I ended up absolutely falling in love with it.”

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Ryan Longenecker
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Ryan Longenecker

Ryan Longenecker describes himself as deeply invested in politics. His experiences as a University of Iowa student—time in student government, the internships he was able to hold on campus and with political campaigns—have sharpened his skills, broadened his network, and given him the confidence to make a difference in the next election cycle. “I feel set to go after graduation and to continue doing the work that I really care about.”

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Summer Choi
University of Iowa 2023 graduate Summer Choi

When Summer Choi arrived at the University of Iowa, she didn’t know anyone. Now, she has made so many friends and connections in Iowa that she’d love to stick around. Choi’s circle undoubtedly grew through her involvement: president of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority; member of the Multicultural Greek Council; intern in web design at the Iowa City Public Library and in UI Information Technology Services.

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