The University of Iowa
University of Iowa student Queta Wanatee-Diego in an outdoor setting
Having built connections and found a supportive community on the University of Iowa campus, Queta Wanatee-Diego strives for a career where she can shine a light on Native American culture and have a positive impact on many lives.
University of Iowa professor emeritus Joe Coulter sits on a bench on the University of Iowa campus with autumnal trees serving as a backdrop
Joe Coulter, a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma, created the first curricular center for Native issues at the University of Iowa and established a program for Native Americans across the U.S. to receive in-state tuition at the university.
University of Iowa faculty member Carrie Schuettpelz standing in front of a colorful wall
University of Iowa graduate Carrie Schuettpelz wants to teach students how to effect change. She returned to campus in 2018 to share the perspectives she’s gained since leaving campus, ones that have come from living abroad, graduate study at Harvard, and federal work on homelessness.
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine student Joseph McDonell stands outside on the health care campus
First-year Carver College of Medicine student Joseph McDonell hopes to expand health care services to rural Iowans. The Coggon, Iowa, native is assisting with the creation of a remote health monitor, and he advocates for continued development of telehealth programs.
J.C. Geiger with his first reader and creator of the Spotify playlist Anna Boyd
A turned-down internship, a bet, and two novels later, J.C. Geiger says the University of Iowa gave him the opportunity to see the world and find the type of writing he loved best.
Iowa Playwrights Workshop graduate Dakota Parobek (foreground, right) speaks with director Paul Kalina on the set of Smile Medicine, written by Parobek and part of the University of Iowa's Mainstage 2021-22 theater season
Iowa Playwrights Workshop students find a supportive environment to develop their unique voices and multiple opportunities to have their works produced.
Ozzie Simmons' yearbook photo inset within a photograph from the 1935 football game between Iowa and Minnesota
The birth of the traveling trophy known as Floyd of Rosedale wasn’t just a silly wager between two border-state governors. It was a conciliatory gesture in the wake of the 1934 game, in which the Hawkeyes’ Ozzie Simmons, who was Black, suffered numerous injurious hits.
two men who graduated from the university of iowa pictured in lab and boardroom settings
Recent University of Iowa graduates Andrew Carton and Ryan Helland grew up in small communities in Iowa never dreaming they’d be involved in space research. But through their academic experiences at Iowa, they both secured jobs with a landmark NASA mission.
a volleyball player holds the ball in one hand while preparing to serve
After being sidelined by an unusual kidney condition, Lily Calvert of Urbandale, Iowa, is playing volleyball again, thanks to the expertise of University of Iowa pediatric specialists.
a child with hearing loss participates in university of iowa research
University of Iowa researchers have been following 300 children with hearing loss for nearly 14 years, and their findings are changing lives, the field of audiology, and public policy.
Evita Woolsey does research work with a child with hearing loss
Evita Woolsey came from California to the University of Iowa to pursue her interest in speech and hearing science. Through her involvement in an NIH-funded research project, the undergraduate is assessing children across the state and making connections with researchers on campus and beyond.
teacher Jaime Humes in a school common area
Jaime Humes of DeWitt, Iowa, began the long road to recovery from COVID-19 during a 30-day stint on a life-support system at UI Hospitals & Clinics in 2020. Slow, steady progress has Jaime once again teaching kindergarten this fall.
interior shot from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy Building. People sit throughout the room; a large wall of windows shows buildings outside
At long last, the fall 2021 semester brings the UI College of Pharmacy community the opportunity to consistently use the modern new space tailored especially to their needs.
prescription bottle on its side and pills spilling out onto a surface
The Iowa Attorney General’s Office has signed an agreement with University of Iowa Health Care to develop a comprehensive, statewide opioid treatment program using $3.8 million in settlement funds.
University of Iowa student working in a lab
University of Iowa scientists are designing and testing a novel prototype of an oxygen concentrator. The Iowa proposal simplifies the design so the product is easier to produce and maintain, and could benefit hospitals in the U.S. and around the globe.
a man and woman with two children standing near a field
Taylor Hircock entered the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine with an eye toward practicing family medicine in a small town. This desire was confirmed during a rotation in Carroll, Iowa, where he now lives and works.
a patient and a medical professional in an exam room; the medical professional is monitoring the patient's vitals such as oxygen levels using a handheld device
A severe case of COVID-19 brought Paul Sereda from the Quad Cities area to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. He recovered during a lengthy stay on a life-support system, and now works with the UI Post-COVID-19 Clinic to track his progress.
Jorge Guerra
Jorge Guerra says he’s continually impressed by his students in the Latina/o/x Studies Program, enjoying their conversations and insights as they unpack a variety of issues.
Xavier Ortega
Xavier Ortega says the cultural centers at the University of Iowa have changed his perspective on community and allowed him to discover his passion for helping others.
Luz Alcala
Luz Alcala came to the University of Iowa to earn a business degree, but the first-generation student will graduate with so much more.
University of Iowa graduate student Bianca Robles-Munoz standing on the Iowa campus, near the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic
More than 1,000 miles from her Texas home, University of Iowa student Bianca Robles-Muñoz is getting a top-notch education in communication sciences and disorders while also gaining a newfound appreciation for her Latina heritage.
University of Iowa student Maggie McQuillen stands near an emergency entrance. she is illuminated by emergency lights
Maggie McQuillen suffered massive head trauma in an automobile accident, requiring lengthy surgery and facial reconstruction at UI Hospitals & Clinics. Even in the tensest moments, her family took comfort in feeling like members of Maggie’s care team.
a man wearing a face mask standing indoors
Five months after Randy McIntyre contracted COVID-19, a transplant team at the University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center performed a double lung transplant, giving him the most precious gift: the ability to take a simple breath.
illustration showing people reading and writing in a university setting
Iowa’s unmatched writing-related resources prepare its graduates for success in many fields. This level of excellence positions Iowa as the best public university for writing and communication.
two people standing near an MRI machine with space visuals applied to it; a third person is the opening of the machine
University of Iowa researcher Ellen van der Plas hopes that by examining the brain development of children battling leukemia, she can improve treatment paradigms and minimize potential long-term side effects.
university of iowa alumnus cole cooper holding a camera on the sidelines of a denver broncos game
As the social content intern for the Denver Broncos, 2020 University of Iowa graduate Cole Cooper is combining his creative skills with his marketing education to help build the professional football team’s brand.
two young children smiling while sitting in a red wagon
Thanks to neonatal expertise at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, an Iowa couple has been able to celebrate key milestones after their babies were born in 2020 at just 27 weeks’ gestation.
University of Iowa alumna Deborah Smith stands with three friends at a golf facility
An accident after her first year at the University of Iowa left Deborah Smith needing assistive devices to walk, but university resources smoothed her transition back to campus and helped her finish her degree.
university of iowa alum lauryn ash on a boulder in a forest
Lauryn Ash always knew she wanted to be a writer. And in creating the worlds found in video games, the University of Iowa graduate found her passion.
two young siblings lying next to each other
The Center for Advanced Reproductive Care at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics reached a major milestone in July 2021, completing its 10,000th in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.
Nevaeh and Kari Brock on one of their horses
Combine a new mother’s tireless energy and optimism with the expertise and empathy of her care team at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, and you have the survival story of Nevaeh Brock, who faced long odds due to a rare condition.
From the west to the east, the University of Iowa and its alumni provide expertise in areas as varied as health care, education, law, and business.
University of Iowa jazz studies faculty member William Menefield works with a student at a piano
Faculty are determined to establish the University of Iowa as a national powerhouse of jazz studies, preparing students for whatever they want to do next, from life as a working jazz musician to continuing on with academic study.
two graduates of The University of Iowa College of Nursing’s nurse practitioner programs stand outside a health care facility
Responding to a growing need for health care providers and specialized nursing training, the University of Iowa College of Nursing has doubled admissions to its graduate practice programs and added clinical specialties over the past five years.
Iowa teen Nina Alvarez with otolaryngologist Sohit Kanotra
After enduring close to 100 procedures to keep her airway open, a central Iowa teen is seeing potential for normalcy following a complex throat surgery at the University of Iowa in 2019.
world map showing dashed lines from iowa city to points all over the world
For 40 years, the Iowa Marrow Donor Program has led the way helping those in need get the lifesaving transplants they require. And it wouldn’t be possible without the kindness and selflessness of Iowans, especially the young adults on campuses across the state.
In a “this-doesn’t-happen-in-real-life kind of moment,” 19 University of Iowa students get a crash course in the film business, landing a deal for their rewriting of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic.
Valerie and Amanda McKinley standing outside the hospital in Corydon, Iowa
The University of Iowa’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program in nurse anesthesia educates a crucial part of the state’s rural health care system, and provides its graduates with a challenging yet fulfilling experience.
Mindy VanZuiden helps her daughter, Bristol, 10, with homework in Williamsburg on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Bristol, who struggles with dysgraphia, uses Google’s speech-to-text feature to strengthen her handwriting skills
The Iowa Reading Research Center at the University of Iowa introduces families to assistive technology that may help their children with reading and writing.
Dan Berns on his farm in rural Farmersburg
In June 2020, Dan Berns learned he had sepsis, and needed open-heart surgery to get rid of the infection. The skill and dedication of the University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center team had the Farmersburg, Iowa, man back to work in time for fall harvest.
University of Iowa business analytics student and Iowa baseball staff member Sam Bornstein at Duane Banks Field
University of Iowa student Sam Bornstein leads one of college baseball’s largest analytics staffs, giving the Hawkeyes an edge on the diamond.
Todd Peters holding a basketball
A go-kart accident left Todd Peters’ family fearing that the middle-schooler might lose his arm. His family says Todd’s team at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital performed a “miracle.”
Luka Garza on the University of Iowa campus
Luka Garza is an elite basketball player, but he’s not a one-dimensional person. The Iowa economics major was out front on NFTs—an endeavor that will benefit UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital—and looks to be a resource for athletes as name, image, and likeness laws take effect.
Multiple colored tassels in a row
Despite the challenges of navigating a pandemic, our students continue to excel. As the latest cohort of Hawkeyes prepares to graduate, we celebrate their accomplishments.
Nichole Shaw
Nichole Shaw is passionate about telling stories that often go unheard or are ignored in mainstream media, and she spent her undergraduate years doing just that at a campus and national level.
Emily Silich
Graduating senior Emily Silich wants to be an astrophysicist, using her skills in instrumentation and observation to investigate a range of questions about the universe. She’s well on her way, thanks to her research opportunities as an Iowa undergraduate.
Steven Willis
An accomplished spoken word poet, Steven Willis chose the nation’s premier writing university to advance his performance skills.
Stephanie Herzog
The University of Iowa’s strengths in accounting, writing, and athletics provided Stephanie Herzog the perfect place to succeed as a student, creative writer, and Hawkeye golfer.
Kayla Boyd
Kayla Boyd strives to defend the disadvantaged. The University of Iowa College of Law student has seized opportunities to show she is prepared to be a powerful advocate.
Elhadi Elhadi
Iowa engineering graduate Elhadi Elhadi applied his knowledge of coding to streamline the inventory system for his family’s Iowa City-based business. Next stop: a job as a data engineer at Goldman Sachs.
Danielle Yonemura
An Iowa nursing student is helping to develop a plan that educates students, faculty, and staff in Van Meter, Iowa, about anaphylactic reactions—all while working a full-time job, raising her child, and completing Iowa’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.
Jiwon Kim
As a counselor educator, University of Iowa PhD student Jiwon Kim plans to promote the lives of women and minorities and contribute to the betterment of society.
Caitlin Ward
The coronavirus pandemic has provided Caitlin Ward with a timely application for her doctoral research in infectious disease modeling through the University of Iowa College of Public Health.
Logan Mougin
Logan Mougin grew up in a family dedicated to the health sciences, and he will carry on the tradition when he earns a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Iowa this May. The Bettendorf, Iowa, native plans to pursue his passion for community and outpatient pharmacy after graduation.
Leticia Fernández-Fontecha Rumeu
It was a winding path that brought Leticia Fernández-Fontecha Rumeu to Iowa for her MFA in Spanish creative writing, which the writer and historian calls a “beautiful experience.”
University of Iowa graduate Carson Peters
Public health grad Carson Peters uses her passion for public advocacy to address issues such as infectious diseases, gaps within the HIV care continuum, and links between medication and infection in elderly hospital patients.
Aidan Moles having his send-off parade at University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital
For nearly three years, Aidan Moles knew no other home than UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The unique lifesaving care he received there allowed him to at last head home and start experiencing the everyday joys of life.
Barbara Wilson, 22nd president of the University of Iowa
The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, announces Barbara J. Wilson as the 22nd president of the University of Iowa.
Marcus Jones at UI Hospitals and Clinics
Dealing with heart failure at 36, Marcus Jones feared he would miss some of the best moments of fatherhood. A heart transplant at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics gave the Waterloo, Iowa, man a path toward the life he’d longed for.
Rohen Carberry and father
Watching your baby go into open-heart surgery is scary, but a Grinnell, Iowa, family says everyone at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital was so calm, confident, and caring that it made them feel at peace.
the gardner family of woden, iowa, in the fields on their family farm
When Ivy Gardner of Woden, Iowa, experienced an emergency just shy of 23 weeks into her pregnancy, maternal-fetal medicine specialists at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics were able to intercede and save Ivy and her daughter, Ellie Grace, now a happy, healthy toddler.
University of Iowa alumnus and film producer Michael Scheuerman outdoors in Oregon
University of Iowa alum Michael Scheuerman, who says his time at Iowa opened his eyes to what was happening in the world, has earned an Academy Award nomination for shining a light on a human rights catastrophe in Yemen.
University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students are working to increase the accessibility and usability of nearly a half-million pages of emails related to the Flint water crisis.
young girl jumping on a trampoline as the sun begins to set
Six weeks after sustaining serious arm injuries, a young Marshalltown girl was out of her cast and playing with her siblings. Her family credits the skill and compassion of her University of Iowa Health Care team for making every step of the process less traumatic.
father and daughter using educational technology
An Iowa professor and her students, partnered with the Iowa City Community School District, have developed resources to guide families statewide and across the country through the sometimes frustrating world of online schooling.
Prateek Raikwar, a third-year neuroscience and music major from Iowa City, works at a food drive for Hawkeye Service Breaks
Despite COVID-19 restrictions and the removal of an academic spring break, some 50 University of Iowa students are enrolled in Hawkeye Service Breaks this semester and learning what it means to be a lifelong volunteer.
Daniel Ivory and his daughter Lydia wearing face masks with Tiger hawk logos, standing outdoors on a sunny winter day
More than one in 10 Americans have diabetes, a chronic condition in which the body cannot effectively process blood sugar, and diagnoses are increasing around the world. Why? University of Iowa researchers are working to find answers—and improve the lives of those with the demanding disease.
University of Iowa researcher E. Dale Abel with colleagues in his lab
E. Dale Abel’s journey as a scientist has taken him from the West Indies to Oxford to Harvard to Iowa, where he leads diabetes research efforts. One constant in his career has been quality mentorship, and he aims to pay it forward.
University of Iowa law students shown on baseball cards with a ballpark scene in the background
A University of Iowa College of Law class uses America’s pastime to give students experience in arbitration—and an opportunity to earn top honors for written work in a national competition.
Rita Wolf, of Monticello, Iowa, loves spending winters with her husband Ken on volunteer mission trips to repair and rebuild homes after disasters
Just months after Rita Wolf underwent a total shoulder replacement at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, the Monticello, Iowa, woman was able to resume meaningful mission work, rebuilding homes after disasters.
staff at the state hygienic laboratory at the university of iowa
On March 8, 2020, the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa had its first positive test result for COVID-19. In the year that followed, the University of Iowa has been on the forefront of COVID-19 research, treatments, care, and the vaccine.
Peter Dirksen Portrait Main Image
Writing sitcoms is serious business for University of Iowa alumnus Peter Dirksen, who has worked on TV shows for ABC, Netflix, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel since graduating in 2000.
chalk art for University of Iowa Dance Marathon, including the slogan FTK, or "for the kids"
The coronavirus pandemic has paused many things, but pediatric cancer is not one of them. Despite COVID-19, University of Iowa participants in one of the nation’s largest student philanthropies are as committed as ever to helping young oncology patients.
Black History Month at the University of Iowa is a time to celebrate love—be it familial, based in friendship, or otherwise. Four Iowa students share their stories about the mentors and student groups with whom they developed a special bond.
University of Iowa alumna Angela Linn with the "Into the Wild" bus in the background
University of Iowa alumna Angela Linn, a museum professional for more than 26 years, is developing a plan to conserve, interpret, and exhibit the bus made famous by Jon Krakauer’s book about Christopher McCandless.
The economic slowdown brought on by the pandemic prompted a University of Iowa graduate to pursue an idea he had been chewing on for years: starting an organization that helps small dental practices secure big discounts.
University of Iowa graduate Hannah Conlisk at Daytona International Speedway
A new practicum course allows University of Iowa students to work with NASCAR and Fox Sports executives, getting hands-on marketing experience while pitching Daytona 500 promotional campaigns.
University of Iowa theatre arts student Brillian Qi-Bell and Alexi Bolden
Iowa theatre arts students Brillian Qi-Bell and Alexi Bolden were selected to receive prestigious scholarships sponsored by “Saturday Night Live,” Second City, and a “Hamilton” alumnus.
Icons and patterns representing Iowa's cultural centers
While the coronavirus pandemic has made life challenging for everyone at the University of Iowa, one area that has been especially hit hard has been Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement and the student cohorts it seeks to serve.
A child's blood pressure reading is taken in 1977 for the Muscatine Heart Study
The University of Iowa’s Muscatine Heart Study has shown us that what we do as children has an impact on our cardiovascular health as adults. Five decades on, the study is still going strong.
A team of Spanish-speaking MICU providers were recognized for their care and compassion during the pandemic. Pictured (left to right) are Raul Villacreses, MD; Alejandro Pezzulo, MD; Claudia Corwin, MD; Rolando Sanchez, MD; and Joseph Zabner, MD
A team of professionals in UI Health Care’s Medical Intensive Care Unit is bridging communication barriers for Spanish-speaking COVID-19 patients, helping lighten the load for MICU providers and providing relief and comfort to patients by answering questions and contacting their families.
David Conway, RN, a nurse in the emergency department at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, was the first to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020.
When COVID-19 spread across the world earlier this year, the University of Iowa was ready to help lead the fight.
Hawkeye Marching Band in formation to spell out 2020
The University of Iowa’s images of 2020 reflect the challenging year, during which the coronavirus pandemic upended traditional educational practices across campus and the country. Throughout the year, Hawkeyes proved to be tough, compassionate, and resourceful.
During the first day of COVID-19 vaccinations, 178 UI Health Care employees received the first of two doses of the vaccine, which UI Health Care tested in clinical trials.
Graduate looking up toward Old Capital pillars
Despite this year’s unprecedented challenges, our students continue to excel. As the latest cohort of Hawkeyes prepares to graduate, we celebrate their accomplishments.
a student sitting on the university of iowa campus writing on a laptop computer
Soon-to-be graduates take advantage of world-renowned University of Iowa writing resources to prepare for their future, regardless of academic area or job field.
At Iowa, we believe great teams, not individuals, will find solutions to important issues. Our graduates collaborated with people across campus and in the community under challenging circumstances.
December graduates from the University of Iowa parlayed their academic and research experiences into prominent jobs in industry or advances into graduate and postgraduate programs.
University of Iowa alumna Asmaa Elkeurti stands in front of the New York Times building, where she works as a software engineer
As a software engineer at “The New York Times,” computer science graduate Asmaa Elkeurti uses technology to help readers better understand the historic 2020 election.
With its copyright set to expire, the literary classic is being reimagined by University of Iowa students in what’s thought to be a first-of-its-kind class.
Suman Sherwani, design engineer in the University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy
It’s been a whirlwind 12 months since Suman Sherwani graduated from Iowa. She’s working on NASA-funded rocket and satellite missions in the UI Department of Physics and Astronomy, and is featured on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for science.
A child is examined while holding a teddy bear
The University of Iowa operates more than a dozen Child Health Specialty Clinics across the state, serving thousands of Iowa children with special health care needs each year and connecting their families to essential resources.
patient speaking with a health care professional via video call on a computer
The doctor will (virtually) see you now: Telehealth is being used to various degrees in every department within University of Iowa Health Care—and many providers hope it continues past the COVID-19 pandemic.
As a member of Detachment 255, and through her work as a flight test research assistant, Abbie Moore has traveled to military bases across the country, experiencing unique military and professional training.
Jacob Schillo received a warm welcome for his military service when he visited the University of Iowa. The doctoral student in genetics—who was named a 2021 Tillman Scholar—has returned the gesture by creating programs to help student veterans succeed academically.
For more than two decades at Iowa, Associate Professor of History Jacki Rand, a member of the Choctaw Nation, has helped students appreciate the indigenous peoples who first occupied North America.
Lisa Rathjen stands with orthopedic surgeon John Femino, MD, a foot and ankle specialist at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, who performed a tendon transfer to rebalance Lisa's foot
Nerve damage from a stroke caused Lisa Rathjen’s left foot to curl inward. A procedure at UI Hospitals & Clinics allowed the Wapello, Iowa, woman—healthy and active before the stroke—to no longer require a foot brace.
Iowa undergraduate Keely Driscoll is passionate about learning about other cultures—and helping people better understand her own.
Holden Day’s great-grandparents were forced to give up their Potawatomi language and culture; the Iowa-trained linguist wants to honor them and their heritage by saving Potawatomi from extinction.
Dominique Badajoz was drawn to the University of Iowa by the prospect of learning more about her Native American heritage with the nearby Meskwaki community. She also found an academic track that is preparing her for a dream job at Apple.
Darrell Hill learned a lot of life lessons participating in powwows, and he wants to pay it forward by sharing his culture with the Iowa community and helping Native American youth further their educational journey.
University of Iowa staff member Kelly Clougher stays active in the student community in an effort to help Native American students find each other and build a strong network on campus.
Calvin Carter, PhD, and Sunny Huang, MD/PhD student in the lab
University of Iowa researchers’ unexpected and surprising discovery may have major implications in diabetes care, particularly for patients who find current treatment regimens cumbersome.
portrait of Elizabeth Folker
First-gen college student Elizabeth Folkers credits the support from Iowa faculty, resources on campus, and a significant scholarship established for students with backgrounds like hers with her success on campus and furthering her path toward law school.
Aquarius Bunch with her child
University of Iowa Health Care experts and specialists collaborated on Waterloo woman’s life-or-death case, which involved an astounding recovery and a healthy baby.
Owen Shunkwiler fishing with his grandchild
Owen Shunkwiler wanted to return to his active life. The orthopedic spine surgery team at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics specializes in the revision surgery that the Urbandale grandfather needed.
Rebekah Hall raising her arms in Brazil
The University of Iowa Young Adult Hip Clinic is the only clinic in Iowa that performs the procedure Becky Hall needed to return to her active life.
As a producer on AMC’s popular zombie drama, University of Iowa graduate Ryan DeGard oversees the postproduction process, preparing each episode for prime time.
Armando Revelez wanted to understand how his high school math classes could be useful later in life. He’s now putting that knowledge to use at the University of Iowa, pursuing a joint BS/MS degree in electrical and computer engineering.
University of Iowa graduate student Crystal Garcia
Crystal Garcia’s parents were adamant about pursuing an education and giving back to others. The University of Iowa grad student is making good on those demands through her public health research.
Christopher Vazquez has found a supportive community on campus through groups, programs, and the Latino Native American Cultural Center, but he also knows firsthand the challenges that minority students face on campus.
With dual appointments in history and in gender, women’s, and sexuality studies, University of Iowa faculty member Lina-Maria Murillo asks her students to examine history through different lenses.
Daniel Poncer, an undergraduate in the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, is doing all the right things to succeed as a student and in a career in finance.
Aileen Ponce, a fourth-year biomedical engineering major at the University of Iowa, is a first-generation American and first in her family to go to college. In the College of Engineering, she helps welcome and encourage students with backgrounds like her own.
Rene Rocha grew up on the U.S./Mexico border, but it was in Iowa where he began to make his mark on the study of immigration policy and politics—and more broadly, Latina/o/x studies.
students walking on university of iowa campus
The University of Iowa welcomes the most academically accomplished class in its history for the fourth year in a row.
Gabriella Estlund’s goal of becoming a photojournalist is taking shape at the University of Iowa. Camera in hand, the first-generation student often can be found around a campus and community where’s she found no shortage of exciting photo opportunities.
Ben Travers has been writing movie reviews since he was a kid. But it was his student-reporting experience and UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication coursework that helped him hone his craft and land the role of TV critic for “IndieWire.”
University of Iowa graduate Michael Wiebler
University of Iowa graduate Michael Wiebler uses his cinema arts and marketing degrees to help NFL teams improve their digital storytelling.
Three University of Iowa graduates who worked together at “The Daily Iowan” now help manage the newsroom at “USA Today.” Their experience at a premier collegiate newspaper provided the foundation for successful careers in journalism.
Tippie senior Mariah Kluesner is working with Nawsheen Hosenally, a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship alumna who ownsMEDIAPROD, a communication service for development agencies in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Quick thinking by University of Iowa Tippie College of Business leaders arranges last-minute summer work experiences for students whose internships vanished in the pandemic haze.
UI Pharmaceuticals personnel working in the building
The University of Iowa has emerged as a preferred manufacturer for companies seeking new drugs to treat patients with the novel coronavirus. UI Pharmaceuticals has partnerships with four firms—and likely more to come—to manufacture and test their drug products for potential treatments.
university of iowa alumnus joe henderson
Completing three liberal arts majors at the University of Iowa helped lead Joe Henderson to the top creative job on the popular Netflix show “Lucifer,” which chronicles the earthly (and somewhat seedy) life of the rebellious fallen angel.
TV producer Spencer Griffin credits his experiences in theatre—which he gained at both the University of Iowa and in the Iowa City community—as the foundation for his award-winning career.
Nolan Ford stands outside University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital
Nolan Ford spent much of his childhood at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital watching his sister fight cancer. The experience motivated him to pursue a medical career—and he’s starting his journey at the hospital whose staff treated his sister with dedication and compassion.
University of Iowa alumnus Jared Mandel standing at Wrigley Field with the iconic scoreboard in the background
Jared Mandel grew up playing baseball. At the University of Iowa, not only did he have the opportunity to pitch for the Hawkeyes, he prepared for a professional sales job within the organization he loves: the Chicago Cubs.
Ross Daniels and Amy Ward in a mountainous setting
Amy Ward had some reservations about having a medical procedure during the coronavirus pandemic. But throughout the West Des Moines woman’s time at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics in June, she saw firsthand the extensive precautions in place.
John Mullin says the skills he developed at the University of Iowa helped him establish a career working on some of the biggest television shows of the past two decades.
Hannah Bormann stands in front of University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, where she received cancer care as a teen and where she will work as a nurse starting in August 2020
Hannah Bormann was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 14. As a patient at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, not only did she have surgery that successfully removed the malignancy, she was inspired to pursue a career in health care.
Darcell Stokes came to Iowa not knowing what she wanted to study. The Waterloo native found her academic passion studying social justice issues, became integrated in the LGBTQ community through the Pride Alliance Center, and now aims to study law.
With schools closed and concerts canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Iowa grad Rob McCabe conducted an ensemble experiment that he and his middle school music students will never forget.
Success producing stand-up comedy specials has propelled the University of Iowa graduate to a career in which he can pick the stories he wants to tell through TV and film.
Inside and outside the classroom, University of Iowa junior Joseph Haggerty is combining his interests in the environment and issues facing the LGBTQ community while developing skills for a successful career in advocacy.
University of Iowa College of Nursing alumna Lucy Bucket outside a health care facility in New York City
When Lucy Bucket saw New York getting hit hard, she knew where she had to go to help.
zoom call with university of iowa alumni filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods
‘A Quiet Place’ screenwriters and University of Iowa graduates Scott Beck and Bryan Woods share what they’ve learned while working in the film industry during a wide-ranging Zoom Q&A.
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine grad John Meehan in the Stead Family Children's Hospital
During his time in Iowa City, John Meehan got his medical degree and began to pioneer advancements in pediatric robotic surgery. He also founded Jingle Cross, a 17-year-old cyclocross race that donates its proceeds to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.
University of Iowa faculty member Kristy Walker and Iowa graduate student Matt Bare at a vineyard near Iowa City
University of Iowa graduate and undergraduate students are helping develop the state’s budding winemaking industry, connecting grape growers with winemakers throughout Iowa.
Kelly WIlson Bossley with her husband and twin children
Seeing discrimination and racism in her hometown inspired University of Iowa alumna Kelly Wilson Bossley to a career of doing something about it through public interest law.
Jon Lensing always knew he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. But deep into his medical-school path, he focused on launching a business—one he and his co-founders designed to meet a need in the medical industry—and soon saw its numbers skyrocket due to COVID-19.
Jacob Lensing tackles research challenges with an athlete’s drive. The first-year College of Dentistry student from Pella, Iowa, has made great strides comparing the efficacy of materials used to seal and protect the inside of a tooth after a root canal.
University of Iowa Master of Fine Arts student Hao Zhou standing on campus on a sunny day, looking to his left
Hao Zhou wants to make films with LGBTQ+ themes, focusing on underrepresented stories. At the University of Iowa, the MFA student has found a place that wholeheartedly supports his projects and goals.
Dominic Gentile's mother and two cousins visited him in Iowa City while he was receiving treatment.
Dominic Gentile, a veterinary medicine student at Iowa State University, received treatment for Ewing’s sarcoma at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Iowa’s safety protocols set his mind at ease.
University of Iowa undergraduate student Savannah DeGroot is driven to serve the LGBTQ+ community and the homeless.
As a doctoral student in nursing at the University of Iowa, Elyse Laures is studying pain assessment in children who are sick. She hopes to decrease their lengths of stay in pediatric intensive care units and expedite their healing.
Val Sheffield (right), with members of his research laboratory (from left): Calvin Carter, Sunny Huang, Charles Searby, and Qihong Zhang.
University of Iowa genetics expert Val Sheffield has converted part of his lab to help fight the coronavirus pandemic by creating a simple specimen-collection method that skips the swab and removes the need for medical personnel. All people have to do is spit in a cup.
Whitney Schutten
The Women’s Wellness and Counseling Service at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics provides specialized care for women with mental health concerns related to pregnancy, childbirth, or reproductive health.
University of Iowa alumnus Timothy Holtz sitting with Dr. Anthony Fauci and others
At the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Timothy Holtz found his true calling: To help fight infectious diseases that threaten millions of lives every year.
University of Iowa student Suraj Rao
While studying neuroscience at the University of Iowa, Suraj Rao has been able to maintain a connection to his cultural heritage in Southeast Asia.
University of Iowa student Ally Valde
Inspired years ago by a school speech pathologist, New Jersey native Ally Valde aims to make a similar impact—to help others who struggle with communicating—and has grown into an advocate for individuals with disabilities.
University of Iowa student Laurence Chan
Laurence Chan was trying to figure out what he wanted in life when he realized he wanted to help people figure out what they wanted in life.
University of Iowa student Laxmi Annapureddy
Laxmi Annapureddy grew up straddling her Indian traditions and American culture. The sophomore from Urbandale, Iowa, credits the University of Iowa with strengthening her appreciation of her ancestral roots and affirming her connection with her Indian identity.
University of Iowa student Gordon Louie
Gordon Louie is committed to creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment within higher education. One way he hopes to help do that is by serving as an inaugural member of the UI Pan Asian Council at the University of Iowa.
Tate Manahl sits outdoors; when he was 3, he was injured in a lawn mowing incident, and university of iowa health care professionals performed numerous procedures to save his life and his legs
At age 3, Tate Manahl was seriously injured by a lawn mower. University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital surgeons were able to save his legs, and after nearly three years and 30-some procedures, Tate is able to enjoy outdoor activities.
University of Iowa researcher Stanley Perlman
Veteran researcher Stanley Perlman—until recently, one of only 10 full-time coronavirus virologists in the world—leads the University of Iowa’s search for answers on COVID-19.
This year, our students graduate under extraordinary circumstances that demand we step up to meet unprecedented challenges.
Whenever Jose Duran encountered a hurdle growing up, there was someone—a family member, a teacher, his boxing coach—to help him over it. Now the graduating University of Iowa student wants to be the one who helps others over their hurdles.
University of Iowa senior Tori Cassady wants to know how early life developed. The senior from West Des Moines, who will graduate in May, will go on to graduate school to study cyanobacteria, micro-organisms that live in Yellowstone’s geothermal pools and are believed to be among the first life-forms on Earth.
University of Iowa graduating senior Sean Maxson has found his calling: Developing technological innovations that can provide more independence for people with paralysis or other similar conditions.
For her PhD, Kathryn Crawford merged a longtime love of music with her passion for keeping workers safe.
Zac McFarland originally wanted to play professional football, but picked Esq. over ESPN. The University of Iowa College of Law student will join the Minneapolis law firm Fredrikson & Byron after graduation.
Nicole Krois
A love of people and a passion for science education led Nicole Krois to pursue a career in dentistry. The University of Iowa has been there for her every step of the way.
Brennan Slater’s lifelong love of the outdoors has turned into research on soils and water quality and a desire to find the right balance between human activities and the natural state. The senior from Davenport, Iowa, graduates in May with a degree in informatics.
Katie Moore had no idea how worldly her education would be staying close to home and attending the University of Iowa.
Jimmy Smith knew he wanted to be a doctor. Through his undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa, he learned both inside and outside the classroom how he wants to practice medicine.
Isabella Penniston never thought she would be performing research as an undergraduate in the College of Nursing. But several research experiences opened her eyes to new possibilities in her chosen career.
Tippie College of Business graduate Matt Tolton is taking over his father’s Atlantic-based business while starting his own cybersecurity firm.
Jorge Salinas, MD, epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics epidemiologist Jorge Salinas’ new normal involves detailed procedures and protocols for how to handle patients infected with COVID-19, from the time they come to the hospital to the time they’re discharged.
books on a shelf in the Dey House, home of the iowa writers' workshop
Not only can reading be a great way to pass the time while one is in quarantine, it can provide a needed escape. Here are 10 titles with ties to the University of Iowa to consider diving into during the coronavirus pandemic.
Theresa Brennan, chief medical officer and cardiologist, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
The novel coronavirus has affected every aspect of life at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Despite these difficult times, the chief medical officer, Theresa Brennan, is seeing bright spots in her institution’s response.
University of Iowa student Abigail Carney
Abigail Carney came to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to write a novel. As she prepares to graduate, she has not only finished her novel but also is developing a television series with an acclaimed UI alumnus.
University of Iowa alumnus Mark Johnson, an Academy Award-winning producer
Mark Johnson has won the most prestigious awards in film and television and worked with the biggest names in Hollywood. But the University of Iowa alumnus also is committed to championing the work of numerous up-and-comers—including many Hawkeyes.
Dr. Bradley Manning and Dr. Andrew Bryant, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Dr. Bradley Manning and Dr. Andrew Bryant discuss the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics program that provides direct daily care and support to patients with COVID-19 who are self-quarantined.
University of Iowa doctoral student Jackson Russo is researching temperature-sensitive polymers that could provide prolonged pain relief in a manner that is more comfortable for patients and more convenient for care providers.
Too many veterans struggle with mental health issues, and too many die by suicide. Iowa doctoral student Priyanka Vakkalanka is studying how telehealth can help some of them, especially those in rural areas.
university of iowa alumnus Lucas Ingram on the field before Super Bowl LI
Millions of people have seen art director Lucas Ingram’s work at marquee events such as the Tony Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and four Super Bowl halftime shows—and most recently on a new television series.
university of iowa logos and streaming service icons
University of Iowa grads are no strangers to Hollywood. So, while we’re practicing social distancing, fire up your favorite app and watch the fantastic work of Hawkeye alums. Check out our suggestions...
Marissa Mueller didn’t plan to get involved with research in college. But the biomedical engineering student found a new love while studying the accuracy of devices similar to Fitbits and Nike Fuel Bands.
Bernardo Pohl Duarte
Since enrolling at Iowa, Bernardo Pohl Duarte discovered a passion for social psychology and an appreciation for research. He aspires to uncover the genesis of people’s prejudicial attitudes and determine how those biases can be diminished.
Iurii Bakach
University of Iowa doctoral student Iurii Bakach is conducting research that helps delivery companies better prepare for the day when deliveries are made by automated vehicles.
Imogene Kane
For infants with craniosynostosis, a condition in the skull that limits the space needed for brain and skull growth, a minimally invasive surgery at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital means shorter hospital stays and less trauma.
University of Iowa ocularist Lindsay Pronk with a patient during a prosthetic fitting
The Ocular Prosthetics Service at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics brings an elite level of expertise and craft to its work and an amazing sense of renewed confidence to its patients.
University of Iowa College of Dentistry student Briar Voy
Briar Voy never wanted to be anything other than a dentist. The University of Iowa third-year dental student feels her educational and leadership opportunities are preparing her to jump right into the profession and confidently care for patients.
University of Iowa athletic training student Zoe Hicks works with a basketball player
Zoe Hicks wanted to combine her fascination with the human body with her love of sports. The Californian found that opportunity as an athletic training student for the Hawkeyes.
University of Iowa graduate An Duplan
Anaïs Duplan is a poet and video artist. The Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate also has a passion for elevating the work of fellow artists, both in his current home of New York City, as well as back in Iowa City.
University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty David Stern and Simon Balto
Two University of Iowa professors in January received National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships—considered to be among the highest honors in the humanities.
University of Iowa undergraduate researcher Margaret Mungai
As a young girl in Kenya, Margaret Mungai aspired to become a doctor. Now, the University of Iowa biology major not only is poised to attend medical school, she is aiming to advance novel treatments for disease as a physician-scientist.
University of Iowa doctoral student Charles Martin-Stanley II
As an undergraduate student, Charles Martin-Stanley II developed a passion for sociology and social justice. In a doctoral program at the University of Iowa, he is using that passion to develop real-world solutions that aim to keep Black men in college.
Girls Go STEM participants work with Jacque Kelchen, a respiratory care supervisor at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
More than 1,200 girls from 42 counties across Iowa have participated in Girls Go STEM since the program began in 2012. Through this University of Iowa program, many participants are discovering new opportunities and interests.
University of Iowa student Adeline Barron
After a childhood amid civil unrest in Ivory Coast and times of financial hardship in Des Moines, Adeline Barron found inspiration at the University of Iowa. Here, she is a champion for underrepresented voices on campus, and aims to have a career in higher education administration.
university of iowa alumni at Super Bowl LIV
Hawkeyes were everywhere at Super Bowl LIV. Three UI sport and recreation management alumni recount their experiences in Miami and how their time at Iowa helped them get to where they are today.
University of Iowa student Tartil Ali in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Building
Tartil Ali is thankful for the role models in her life, and the University of Iowa student looks to pay their contributions forward through her work on campus, in the community, and in a future health care career.
University of Iowa student Takayla Al-Amin in the Field House
Anytime there is an opportunity for involvement, Takayla “T.K.” Al-Amin answers the bell. The University of Iowa undergraduate has held leadership roles and worked with professional sports teams and local athletic organizations, experiences that will serve her well as she looks forward to a career in the sports industry.
Halle Howard uses a tablet while Ethan Howard holds their son Charlie in their Springville home
Bringing home a newborn child is a momentous occasion, especially after a lengthy stay in the hospital. As the Howard family of Springville, Iowa, can attest, that early period was made much less stressful thanks to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.
iowa writers' workshop graduate kiley reid on the university of iowa campus
Kiley Reid drew from life experiences to start a novel, and then fine-tuned the manuscript as a student at the University of Iowa. Published in December 2019, just months after her graduation, her book is drawing critical acclaim—and resonating with readers.
University of Iowa alumna Beth Redfearn in Washington DC
Beth Redfearn came to Iowa to coach the Hawkeye women’s rowing team. She left with a business degree and a new career as a technology consultant.
National Mall in Washington DC
A new externship program introduces Iowa law students to the nation’s capital and helps them find careers in and around the federal government.
Cooper Leeman of Radcliffe, Iowa, with his parents
After surviving multiple procedures, a stroke, a collapsed lung, and 30 days on ECMO, Cooper Leeman’s health is improving, he enjoys school, and he loves to laugh. Learn more about the boy from Radcliffe, Iowa—who served as the Hawkeyes’ Kid Captain for the Holiday Bowl—and his University of Iowa team’s care decisions.
University of Iowa students in caps and gowns on the Pentacrest in front of Old Capitol
Take a look back at the memorable moments of 2019, a year where the university built on excellence in the classroom, in the lab, and in the community.
Legendary University of Iowa football coach Hayden Fry
With the death of former football coach Hayden Fry, a University of Iowa alumna and staff writer revisits the words she wrote after the Hawkeye legend announced his retirement in 1998.
Kerigan Knipp, who was born at 23 weeks at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
When Livia Knipp’s water broke just 19 weeks into her pregnancy, the situation seemed very grim. The family from Windsor Heights turned their attention east toward Iowa City and UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The UI high-risk obstetricians and neonatal specialists gave the Knipp family a new beginning.
Stephen Boeding standing by his truck with a chain saw
Stephen Boeding partially severed his left forearm after falling while trimming a tree with his chain saw. University of Iowa medical professionals were able to treat the West Point man’s complex injuries; within months, he was holding his new grandchildren.
graduates throwing caps in the air
Students gather with friends and family to celebrate after years of study and hard work.
Suman Sherwani
Suman Sherwani is well on her way to becoming a rocket scientist. The December graduate will stay at the University of Iowa to work as a design engineer on NASA-funded rocket and satellite missions in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Kaleb Farnham
After discovering a passion for education while at the University of Iowa, Kaleb Farnham is making an impact as a student and teacher.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Sydney Blitchok
Sydney Blitchok initially chose the University of Iowa because of soccer, but she quickly discovered Iowa’s stellar journalism and political science programs.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith says the University of Iowa showed him that he can make a difference in the world—and he intends to do just that.
A family love connection saw Daniela Pacheco move from Costa Rica to the Midwest as a young adult. The ensuing period of major change culminated with Pacheco enrolling at Iowa, where she majored in marketing and made meaningful relationships. And she’s started a firm with her source for inspiration: her mom.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Karl Ihrig
When Karl Ihrig started his academic journey, he was unaware of the world of business analytics. But in the Tippie College of Business, he found a program with the right focus and a place where he and his classmates could build a supportive and encouraging culture.
Morgan Kofoid has landed not one but two great gigs after her December graduation from the University of Iowa College of Nursing: one in an intensive care unit and one in the limelight.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel wants to solve problems and help people. Through the University of Iowa’s combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program in computer science and engineering, he’s well-positioned to do both—and perhaps develop the Next Big Thing.
University of Iowa fall 2019 graduate Lyndsey DuBose
Lyndsey DuBose chose the University of Iowa after hearing rave reviews about the university from a former Hawkeye rower. DuBose, from Texas, will earn a doctorate this December in health and human physiology, and will begin a postdoctoral fellowship to investigate aging on the blood vessel network in the human heart and brain.
University of Iowa alum Mike Tallman in his studio
After discovering passions for art and music during childhood, Mike Tallman was able to develop skills in graphic design at the University of Iowa while also performing with his popular band Eufórquestra.
University of Iowa undergraduates have myriad opportunities to participate in meaningful research. Sometimes, as Iowa biology student Marissa Roseman can attest, that research can lead to a rare discovery. The senior from Wheaton, Illinois, found a left-coiled snail while working in biologist Maurine Neiman’s lab. The find is considered a one-in-a-million occurrence.
Ashley Nylen’s job as a planner for emerging transportation technologies didn’t exist when she was a college student. That didn’t stop the University of Iowa from preparing her to be a leader in the field.
A recording session for The Short Coat Podcast
The University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine’s Writing and Humanities Program gives medical students the space and time to pursue interests in the arts and humanities, as well as develop skills critical for their futures as successful physicians.
Dr. Edward Bell with Kyle and Jaeden Nelson at University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital NICU
In 2014, Kyle Nelson of Hillsboro, Iowa, helped build the new University of Iowa Stead Family Hospital. In 1994, that hospital helped Nelson survive and thrive after being born 13 weeks premature. And now, the same UI Health Care specialist was there to care for Nelson’s child in a time of critical need.
University of Iowa alumnus Brian Lein is quickly moving up the career ladder at the Department of Defense—becoming an audit manager for the U.S. Navy at the age of 29—thanks to his accounting education from the Tippie College of Business.
University of Iowa alumnus Brian Lein is quickly moving up the career ladder at the Department of Defense—becoming an audit manager for the U.S. Navy at the age of 29—thanks to his accounting education from the Tippie College of Business.
University of Iowa alumna Cali Wilson standing before a logo for The Voice
Cali Wilson graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in political science, but she’s becoming known for her musical talents, making the top 13 of NBC’s “The Voice.” The Hawkeye from Salem, Iowa, says her degree is helping her navigate the music industry.
A train accident in small-town Iowa easily could have taken a young father’s life in 2018, but a quick response from a University of Iowa medical helicopter gave him a fighting chance. He is one of thousands who have been treated by the AirCare team since 1979.
Kiersten Latham leaps into the air during a dance routine at Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa. Kiersten
When pain from hip dysplasia threatened to prevent Kiersten Latham from participating in her favorite activities, a team at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics worked with her to get her back in action.
two men speaking in field
Vinton, Iowa, has endured two major floods already in the 21st century. University of Iowa PhD student Paul Schmitt listened to community members’ stories and worked with local officials to develop a website that documents the human element of flood recovery and further strengthens future flood resiliency.
University of Iowa students will be able to take a class in which they will design, build, and fly instruments into space. The class, The Edge of Space: Mission and Instrument Design for Spaceflight, will debut in spring 2020 in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, with Iowa State University on board as a partner.
University of Iowa alumna Jen Silverman sit on the banks of a river with papers in hand and in front of her
Theater audiences around the world are becoming pretty familiar with Jen Silverman. The graduate from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop has been named one of the nation’s top 20 most-produced playwrights the last two years. And she’s not stopping with the stage, also penning books, TV series, and films.
Kimberly Chmielewski
In her work as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, University of Iowa graduate Kimberly Chmielewski finds that movement brings people together.
university of iowa alumni nicholas edwards and michael lynch took part in the flyover before the iowa-penn state game at kinnick stadium
Two University of Iowa alumni, Lt. Col. Nicholas Edwards and Lt. Col. Michael Lynch, were at the controls of the Air Force jets that flew over Kinnick Stadium before the football game against Penn State. The moment that thrilled 70,000 fans in the stands was incredibly meaningful to the two Hawkeyes in the air.
University of Iowa alumna Avery Bang is the CEO of Bridges to Prosperity
Through the nonprofit organization she leads, the 2007 University of Iowa engineering graduate is connecting people in isolated communities across the globe to opportunity and prosperity.
x-rays of Shannon Sampson, first one showing the tumor, second one showing the rods/screws inserted after the tumor was removed
Numbness that started in Shannon Sampson’s toes gradually spread, threatening her work with the Cedar Rapids Police Department and her overall quality of life. Tests at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics pinpointed the problem—a tumor in her thoracic region—and two specialty units worked in concert to ensure safe removal of the tumor and a path back to walking and working.
photos of Jaylee and her family, decorating her room at the intensive care unit at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Jaylee Bartleson wasn’t even a year old when she came to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital from Nevada, Iowa, with a critical heart condition. Diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, she was placed on a left ventricle assist device, but her UI care team made sure she could live as normal a life as possible while waiting for a new heart.
Zachary Ingram   Iowa biomedical engineering undergraduate
Zachary Ingram, a biomedical engineering major, made a substantive impact during his summer internship at the global manufacturer 3M. Ingram, a senior from Sioux City, Iowa, credits his academic and lab experiences at Iowa with giving him the skills and confidence to succeed in his internship.
a still image from Michael Gibisser's film Slow Volumes
Michael Gibisser’s short film “Slow Volumes” had its world premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. The University of Iowa assistant professor utilized slit scan photography and a custom-built camera to “bend cinematic space and time.”
Most roads in the U.S. are in rural areas, and the University of Iowa’s National Advanced Driving Simulator is working to make them safer and prepare them for a future with driverless vehicles.
a woman performs dental work for a child
About 200 University of Iowa College of Dentistry students, faculty, and alumni participated in the Iowa Mission of Mercy dental clinic in Davenport, providing free care to people without dental insurance. The event provides Iowa students with the sort of experience they can’t always get in a collegiate clinic.
medical symbols with the color spectrum
The University of Iowa’s LGBTQ Clinic—the first in the state to offer comprehensive care for the lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, and questioning population—provides a safe environment for patients in need of everything from routine health screenings to hormone therapy to gender affirming surgery.
Armin Muzafirovic underwent life-saving surgeries at the university of iowa, and now he's taking part in a health care professionals prep program at iowa
Armin Muzafirovic found himself in need of a life-saving heart transplant while in his teens. His family moved from New York to Iowa so he could have the necessary procedures performed at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. The young man from Waterloo returned to the UI campus last summer, taking part in an educational program that assists underrepresented students in designing future careers in health care.
Knox Tysdahl smiling; the boy was born at UI Stead Family Children's Hospital at 23 weeks' gestation
Knox Tysdahl was born at 23 weeks gestation, or 17 weeks early, at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital in 2017. UI Health Care’s large team of high-risk obstetricians, its Level 4 neonatal intensive care unit, and the attitude that every baby in its care will go on to live a healthy life helped ensure Knox would be another “micro preemie” success story.
emily lefeber worked at the smithsonian as an intern
Iowa undergraduate Emily Lefeber is no stranger to museum work—the Harlan, Iowa, native has served as a docent on Iowa’s campus and in her home county. That and her passion for museum studies opened the door to an internship at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.
a portable movie theater shows a film in a park in new hampton; the business has its roots in a university of iowa innovation program
STEM Innovator, created by the University of Iowa’s Jacobson Institute, puts high school students alongside community business and industry leaders to practice entrepreneurial skills and solve real-world business problems. The program also provides teachers with tools to help students think creatively.
university of iowa engineering and art students are designing a new bus stop for children in plymouth iowa
Plymouth, Iowa, serves as a hub for buses ferrying nearly 70 students between their homes and schools in neighboring towns. There is currently no shelter where they wait, and many riders now huddle in the nearby post office during inclement weather. Three University of Iowa students are working to change that.
Not long after receiving the largest research award in its history, the University of Iowa welcomed top officials from NASA, who toured Iowa facilities and lauded the meaningful work being done by researchers and students.
university of iowa alumnus tony price standing on the university of colorado boulder campus with the mountains in the background
After devoting a chunk of his childhood to playing inside a campus recreation facility, University of Iowa graduate Tony Price now leads recreation services at the University of Colorado Boulder.
university of iowa cinematic arts faculty member Christopher Harris
A thesis film made by Christopher Harris in 2000 is seeing a resurgence. The University of Iowa associate professor and his film, “still/here,” were featured this summer in a retrospective of black filmmaking at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.
view of the university of iowa campus from a rooftop
Thanks to some “halftime adjustments,” the University of Iowa’s game-day commercial drives home the excellence associated with being a Hawkeye.
The University of Iowa trains more than half of Iowa’s physicians. Their preparation starts with the White Coat Ceremony, a celebrated experience in the Carver College of Medicine that intends to impress upon them the obligations inherent in the practice of medicine: to be excellent in science, to be compassionate, and to lead lives of uprightness and honor.
Will Imbus at Kinnick Stadium for an Iowa football game
A diagnosis of early onset scoliosis could have placed numerous surgeries on young Will Imbus’s calendar. But in 2015, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital became the first hospital in Iowa to use newly available technology called the MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) Spinal Growing Rod, technology that eliminated nearly 10 surgical procedures from Will’s treatment.
university of iowa graduate megan lough during a study abroad experience in eswatini
The multiple study abroad experiences completed by recent University of Iowa nursing graduate Megan Lough shaped her career prospects—and her outlook on life.
University of Iowa alumnus Bret Schafbuch at Lego
Alumnus Bret Schafbuch’s experiences at the University of Iowa—specifically, the chance to study abroad—laid the foundation for a successful career at the iconic toy company’s headquarters in Denmark.
university of iowa stead family children's hospital patient and kid captain harper stribe posing in hawkeye jersey
A decade of Kid Captains highlights the special bond between University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and the football team that plays right across the street.
Office of Outreach and Engagement tour of the city with  community partners, Shelley Oltmans, Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce Director, and  Kira Kruszynski, Marketing & Membership Coordinator for the Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce.
After finishing an award-winning comprehensive plan, Keokuk will become the 2019–20 community partner of the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities. The partnership with the University of Iowa organization will help with community revitalization efforts and offer Iowa students real-world learning experiences.
a young girl holding a stuffed animal walking with her parents
When a preemie was born at 26 weeks’ gestation in a small Iowa hospital in 2007, the odds were against her survival. An ice storm prevented emergency transportation from transferring her to a better-equipped facility. But it didn’t stop two University of Iowa doctors from heeding the call for help.
Anya Kim
University of Iowa graduate Anya Kim studied the past academic year in Spain on a Fulbright scholarship. The Indianola High School graduate will pursue a joint medical and doctoral degree at Johns Hopkins University beginning in fall 2019.
university of iowa physics and astronomy faculty member Craig Kletzing at the front of a classroom
For more than 20 years, physicist Craig Kletzing has flourished as a researcher at the University of Iowa, where his work using rockets and satellites to learn about Earth’s auroras has yielded an astounding contract award from NASA. Iowa also offered Kletzing the opportunity to teach a wide range of physics courses—a source of personal reward he wasn’t guaranteed elsewhere.
brady jorgensen, a patient at university of iowa stead family children's hospital, holds a certificate of completion
Brady Jorgensen of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was diagnosed with a brain tumor before his first birthday. When the tumor came back after treatment, Brady's family turned to specialists at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for help—and hope. 
A dental student sketches teeth.
University of Iowa dentistry professor Hanan Elgendy uses art to help first-year dental students understand tooth structure and form. Bringing art into the dental simulation lab not only sharpens students’ eye for detail but also helps them create better dental restorations and tooth replacements.
university of iowa alumna tanna frederick
Actress and environmentalist Tanna Frederick headed to Hollywood with much more than a suitcase and her ambitions. She kicked off her career in Los Angeles with the confidence to pursue projects she is passionate about, both on and off screen, thanks to her education at the University of Iowa.
the sculpture court in the university of iowa museum of art in 1969, featuring Pollock's Mural
Every Iowan in a sense owns masterpieces by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mitchell, and Henri Matisse, as well as ancient artifacts from across the globe. Fifty years ago, those publicly owned works of art found a home in a new museum on the Iowa River. Soon, they’ll move into a groundbreaking facility built for a new era of museums and generation of art lovers.
university of iowa alumnus alexander rubinow has won an emmy for his work on the show Deadliest Catch
Alexander Rubinow has a talent for telling fish tales—and not those harmless embellishments passed down through generations. The University of Iowa graduate is an editor on the Discovery Channel’s hit series “Deadliest Catch,” and he has an Emmy to show for it.
university of iowa student jordan kohlmeyer in her research laboratory
Molecular medicine PhD student Jordan Kohlmeyer is researching new therapies for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, which are deadly, resistant to drug therapies, and often unable to be operated upon due to their location.
a young boy who received bone marrow transplant at the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital is shown wearing a necklace that symbolizes all the procedures he's had to endure
When Carter Schmidt was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital provided the young boy’s family with an expert team and cutting-edge methods to treat the disease and deliver a positive prognosis. And a marrow donor from Mississippi provided a big assist.
university of iowa alumna megan ranegar holds up a yelp icon
Call her a matchmaker. As a senior community manager at Yelp in Los Angeles, University of Iowa alumna Megan Ranegar works with local businesses and users of the popular website and mobile app to create lasting and harmonious relationships.
After their students’ years of study, family and friends gather to celebrate a major achievement.
Jake Stone is heading to the Baltimore Orioles organization after graduation. He says this was made possible by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the University of Iowa’s Sport and Recreation Management Program and his work with the Hawkeye baseball team.
University of Iowa graduate Mikaela Mallin in the laboratory
What do zebrafish and dance in the 1940s have in common? Both have been the objects of research by University of Iowa student Mikaela Mallin.
It did not take long for Fredrick Cherry Jr. to feel at home at the University of Iowa. Once here, he flourished under the tutelage of mentors, and has helped groom the next generation of people to do the same things that he has had the opportunity to do.
Nicci Ledbetter earned a Juris Doctorate and Master of Arts in Philosophy at the same time, while also raising two young children and serving in the Iowa Air Force National Guard. She heads to a central Iowa law firm with a message for her clients: no obstacle is insurmountable.
Josh Larson was attracted to the University of Iowa by a folder filled with space goodies. The Mount Pleasant, Iowa, native graduates in May after finding a passion for plasma physics and building his own experiment for students.
Portrait of University of Iowa graduate Emma Keefe
University of Iowa business analytics student Emma Keefe used all the resources the university has to offer to figure out what she wanted to do. It culminated with a job offer in the Twin Cities, which she accepted, with one caveat: she wanted to work in Iowa, a state she loves.
University of Iowa graduating senior Jesse Cochran looks away from his work for a photograph
University of Iowa graduate Jesse Cochran learned a lot while conducting research in a UI lab, and not just about heart disease. He found a model of professionalism and a newfound appreciation for discovery that’s redefining his health care career path.
caleb helland and his mother cassie in their home
When the delivery of Caleb Helland’s epilepsy medication was delayed, his mother reached out to UI Health Care Specialty Pharmacy Services, which promptly created a new batch and worked with the Iowa State Patrol to get the medication to the family’s Mason City home that same evening.
university of iowa alumna lauren palmer rehabilitates seals as part of her work with marine mammals
As the attending veterinarian at a marine mammal hospital in Los Angeles, University of Iowa alumna Lauren Palmer aims to rehabilitate and release sick or injured animals—and to help educate people about the ocean’s ecosystem.
isaiah scales at fox
A successful stint at 20th Century Fox was set into motion for Isaiah Scales when he was a University of Iowa student—by a fellow Hawkeye.
Brittany Williams portrait
Neuroscience doctoral candidate Brittany Williams loves conducting research, work that she likens to solving a complex puzzle. Through the support of mentors and the welcoming environment at the University of Iowa, she hopes to help those who have visual impairments.
university of iowa alumna luisa caldwell shown amid her artwork
University of Iowa alumna and artist Luisa Caldwell spent part of her childhood in Iowa and vowed to return for college. She did, and years later returns again to the place where she truly became inspired as an artist.
University of Iowa student Eric Ortiz in the lab
A childhood diagnosis of diabetes helped cement Eric Ortiz’s desire to work in health care. After years of seeking medical treatment at the University of Iowa, he eventually enrolled as a premed student. Now, the biology major is researching the disease and is poised to pursue a career in public health.
Iowa’s Ignacio Ponseti revolutionized clubfoot treatment with his gentle, nonsurgical approach. Now his successor, UI doctor Jose Morcuende, is on a lifelong mission to bring the Ponseti Method to the rest of the world.
university of iowa student marco nino in the lab
Marco Nino wants to develop a medical device that will save lives. The University of Iowa senior says his course work in biomedical engineering and experience working in a campus neuroanatomy lab are preparing him to do just that.
University of Iowa doctoral student Michael Redmond posing near a busy street
Travelers, take heed: A University of Iowa doctoral student is researching the reliability of itineraries that involve multiple modes of travel, identifying the easiest way to get from points A to C by going through B.
two university of iowa students at the african american cultural center, or the afro house
The African American Cultural Center, born in the late 1960s out of black students’ desire for a place to call their own on a predominantly white campus, continues to prove a valuable resource for black students at the University of Iowa, at a time when UI leaders and students recognize that many of the issues that prompted its creation still exist.
University of Iowa alumnus Michael Nauman at Microsoft, where he works as a consultant
University of Iowa alumnus Michael Nauman wanted to work for a company where he could have a positive impact on others. At IT giant Microsoft, he does just that.
Michelle McCarthy, University of Iowa alumna, posing for a portrait in front of a United Airlines mural
University of Iowa alumna Michelle McCarthy is using her business expertise to help United Airlines improve the experience of its customers by better equipping the company’s flight attendants.
University of Iowa Dance Marathon has become one of the largest college philanthropies in the country—and it is starting to have a significant impact on the race to cure and prevent pediatric cancer.
Take a look back at the memorable moments of 2018, a year where the university made great strides in teaching, research, and service.
Pivot Bio co-founder and University of Iowa graduate Karsten Temme in a cornfield
Karsten Temme, who received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the UI College of Engineering, is the co-founder of Pivot Bio, a startup that is on the verge of revolutionizing agriculture by offering farmers a new crop nutrition tool for corn.
University of Iowa graduate Jordan Loperena in the Big Ten Network studio
Work as a student broadcaster led University of Iowa alumnus Jordan Loperena to his dream job at the Big Ten Network.
Receiving a diploma signals both an ending and a beginning.
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine microbiology lab
The University of Iowa’s strategic plan calls on the university to perform high-impact research and to provide a transformative academic experience that educates all UI students to be engaged citizens. Hundreds of faculty and staff at Iowa are quietly and busily teaching students to be inquisitive and to strive for discovery.
woman in a wooded setting with artwork displayed
Visual artist and Iowa alumna Anne Beffel encourages more generous and empathetic interactions among neighbors and strangers through publicly engaged art performances and installations. A vibrant collection of hers now hangs at her alma mater, a place that satisfied her need for a creative and intellectual community and influenced her career path.
saving brinton imagery
In 2018, University of Iowa graduates shattered records at the box office and, with the lauded documentary “Saving Brinton,” heard plenty of buzz during awards season. Hawkeyes are not outsiders in Hollywood; after all, UI grads have been making an impact since the days of Willy Wonka and the Starship Enterprise.
noah fant celebrates a touchdown with a teammate
The University of Iowa's 2018 halftime commercial spotlights our commitment to excellence and service in our academic and athletic pursuits.
University of Iowa alumna Kristen Beck stands before a large Facebook "like" symbol
At Facebook, University of Iowa graduate Kristen Beck works across different platforms and cultures to help clients reach goals.
Hawkeye to VIking
A small but loyal contingent of University of Iowa graduates populates the administration of the Minnesota Vikings. Working for the NFL team gives them an opportunity to bond—and to use their education in areas like law, ancient civilization, physical education, and business to help the organization thrive.
Anton Jones
By writing and producing dramatic productions to perform for schoolchildren, University of Iowa playwriting graduate Anton Jones aims to make the world a better place one audience at a time.
map showing where the four art students are doing their research
Creative and research pursuits take graduate students in the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History near and far.
UI alumnus Joe Dwello sitting in seats at Washington Nationals ballpark
UI alumnus Joe Dellwo is the director of ticket sales for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals—it is his job to make sure every game runs smoothly, whether it be as the host of an All-Star Game or during a World Series–winning run.
University of Iowa alumna Bridget Coughlin sitting in an office with an aquarium in the background
Bridget Coughlin says her biochemistry education and training at the University of Iowa gave her the tools necessary to run one of the largest aquariums in the world—and fed her passion for science.
University of Iowa alum Jeffrey Lynch in an eye exam room
As a pediatric ophthalmologist in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jeffrey Lynch sees as many as 40 patients a day. As the CEO and founder of an online eyeglass-recycling service called ReSpectacle, he has helped improve the vision of more than 30,000 people in underserved communities around the world.
Splashing water in a research flume
Building on a century of hydroscience research, the University of Iowa enters a new era of activity aimed at solving Earth’s biggest environmental issues.
Daily Iowan budget meeting photo illustration
The University of Iowa campus has had a student-produced newspaper since 1868. Not only do the student staff members have opportunities many colleges can’t provide, their work has earned multiple honors and awards throughout the years, placing the paper among the best in the country. 
Typewriter key detail
The UI is home to many renowned programs for aspiring writers and is a place where all students are afforded opportunities to improve their writing or weave it into their studies.
Decorated graduation cap with TigerHawk logo
Check out the stats for this graduating group, and take a closer look at nine names in the crowd to learn about their time at Iowa and their plans for the future.
Aaron Boes neurologist at the University of Iowa
Aaron Boes brings expertise in noninvasive brain stimulation from Harvard University to the University of Iowa.
University of Iowa students participate in an Alternative Spring Break project in St. Louis
University of Iowa "alternative spring break" teams fanned out across the United States to address issues of importance.
Jim Dower standing on soccer pitch with Chicago skyline in background
What started with 12 Chicago schoolkids playing soccer has grown into a sports-based youth development organization that serves some 17,000 students in 57 schools across the city. University of Iowa graduate Jim Dower says his nonprofit, Urban Initiatives, uses sport to engage students and help them build leadership skills.
Krista Ellensohn standing outside Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago
A summer spent helping manage Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s finances turned into a full-time job for Krista Ellensohn after she graduated from the University of Iowa. And she still dances.
Richard Lariviere portrait
UI graduate Richard Lariviere says there is much more to Chicago’s iconic natural history museum than what its 1.5 million annual visitors see when they visit. Behind the scenes is the work of some 150 scientists, many of whom travel the world to conduct research.
students at andoya space center
University of Iowa undergraduates Hannah Gulick and Josh Larson took part in an intensive, international science program to design, build, and fly a sounding rocket.
child giving high-five at dance marathon
Students dance for 24 hours. They inspire patients, families, researchers, and one another well beyond that single day.
Student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy works on an augmented-reality sandbox where users can design their own universe and then watch how gravity affects an object as it travels through the imagined environment.
The NSF-funded augmented-reality sandbox, dubbed “Gravbox,” is the first interactive system of its kind to be used for astrophysics.
Measuring brain waves photo
The Iowa Neuroscience Institute is primed to make discoveries about humans’ most complex organ—and end debilitating diseases.
Take a look back at the memorable moments of the past year, one where the university made great strides in teaching, research, and service.
Some 1,400 UI students spent a December weekend saying farewell to classwork, studying, and treks across campus.
dance gala 2017 performance
The works of five members of the UI’s highly acclaimed dance faculty were brought to life by their students on the Hancher Auditorium stage.
Floyd of Rosedale statue
Only one team can leave the Iowa-Minnesota football game with a bronze pig. Here's the story behind the beloved trophy.
woman painting
Get a sneak peek at the university's halftime ad
student in virtual soldier environment
University of Iowa students tackle research challenges using the latest virtual technology.
galactic center image
Since the 1950s, the University of Iowa has given undergraduates the opportunity to work with top space scientists.
Jonny Cole smiles as he tests out the assistive device that allows him to better ride a bicycle. Alicia Truka, one of the four biomedical engineering students who designed the device, follows Jonny as he rides
Born without most of his right arm, Jonny Cole couldn’t ride a bike. Four UI undergrads in the Department of Biomedical Engineering created a device that lets the Cedar Rapids boy ride with confidence.
detail of bicycle
The University of Iowa's unique bike-building classes combining art and engineering set the worldwide standard.
three undergraduates sitting in research facility
In University of Iowa research labs, students learn life lessons and contribute to scientific discovery.
student in india
The award-winning India Winterim program matches University of Iowa undergraduates with India’s best organizations.
visual arts building exterior at night
The Visual Arts Building provides UI students with perfect place for expression and exploration.